Smart Projection Mapping

A TechLauncher Project

Product: A smart projection mapping software package that can recognise shapes, and have dynamic labels attached to these shapes via a PC input.


I would a system that can identify shapes (Lego baseplates,post-it notes), and colours (grey,green,blue,sand / postit note), then to project a label or notation onto the area around these shapes.

Ideally, at the start of a session, the system asks for input, and you place the shapes onto the projection surface, and assign them to a keyword or category.  Following the recognised input, when the system is active, any time an object that matches the shape and colour is placed in the projection surface, this label is projected onto the area around the object.

Supporting software would need to be able to handle a recurring set of labels, save presets of label types/names, and associations with shapes/colours/labels.

Control via Windows Laptop is preferred, although MacOS is acceptable if necessary.  Prefer PC based interface for mouse and keyboard input ahead of app requirements.

Links to Other Reactive/Smart Projection Mapping

Video of Reactive Projection Mapping

Video demonstration of the Lego House reactive surface responding to colour coded objects – IMG_2382 (55mb)

Existing Sample Reactive Projection Maps (Lego House, Denmark)

The Lego House surface responds to the placement of a coloured lego tile (6×6 plate) by playing animations over the plate surface and near area. See examples attached:

A possible means or mechanism –


Possible Hardware of a Related Nature: Hololamp