SDDC Right of Trebuchet Revocation

Right of Trebuchet Revocation

2. Revocation Parameters

The Trebuchet list may be revoked in the event of

  • a) war
    • a)1) Exclusion: If I started the war, I’m not allowed to revoke the list.
    • a)2) Even if Mars totally had it coming. I mean, really, what are the odds?
  • b) zombie, zombie apocalypse or similar undead risings (Werewolf uprising, vampire takeover, or the full reunion of the Beatles)
    • b)1) This does not include live action simulations such as Humans versus Zombies unless there are actual zombies.
    • b)2) Where the zombie apocalypse is self contained within a universe such as a video game (L4D, L4D2), smart device (Plants v. Zombies) alternate reality (multiverses) or holodecks, the restrictions are lifted for that environment.
    • b)3)I can’t fire up Plants v. Zombies for the express purpose of a 20 minute rock chucking spree
    • b)3) If I started the zombie apocalypse, I don’t think I’m going to be that worried about people looking cross that I’m running around with trebuchets. There may be other things to worry about them being cross about (like the loss of the internet, or spoilers for the ending of Lost)
  • c) national emergencies where the capacity to fling things at other things becomes vitally useful.
    • c)1)TOM-ART-OH!
    • c)2) TOE-MA-TOE.
    • c)3)Exemption: If I cause the national emergency by owning or using something on the list, it’s far too meta and we’ll have to call the whole thing off.
  • d) legitimate use.
    • d)1) If a legitimate use for the prohibited object emerges, then the object is not subject to prohibition if deployed in a legitimate manner
    • d)2) Legitimacy needs to considered legitimate by other people, namely the Trebuchet List SaveSteves, or designated legal authorities.