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25 years hence, a retrospect

An addendum of sorts Probably no surprise to find out I was the target of bullying in high school. I have a broken nose from a fight in a classroom where I was told in no uncertain terms by the authority figures of my school that it was my fault for being different. I was… Read More »

Surviving High school

On September 4, there’s a 25th year reunion for my high school. I won’t be attending, due to being on Operation Legoland, but after my experiences at my 10th, I wouldn’t be attending anyway. This is an old draft from 2012 I discovered.  It resonates now as to why I won’t go back to the… Read More »

The Reverse Trump Gambit

What if, at every election, you had a candidate who took the opportunity provided by free media coverage to say carefully calculated and scripted things to generate massive media firestorms that were all heat and light, but which generated no traction with the audience, so that the candidate could harvest publicity, and then head back… Read More »