SDDC Doorverts


Armed with Photoshop, inclinations and a newly installed colour printer, one of my favorite things to do with a workspace is annotate the doors (or nearby notice boards) of my office with random assortments of pop culture notes, outsider jokes, insider jokes, and reasons for people to stop, read the door, and forget where they were headed.

Over time, my office in Crisp Building (Room 1070), acquired a bit of a reputation for being a tourist attraction.

1070: A happy place

As part of the office’s charm, back before our glass doors got replaced with full length wooden barricades, I’d annotate the glass panel, either with whiteboard pens, or with printed items, some of which survived to be archived here.

We also had a series of demotivator cards show up from time to time, when I needed the widescreen feel on a square glass panel. These are also collected for your viewing pleasure.

At one point, my bosses decided that it was inappropriate and unprofessional, and ordered all the annotations removed from the door. Students complained to management about my door being blank, and started requesting the return of the content, as did several staff from other buildings. Eventually, management conceded that I’d somehow created an artwork, tourist attraction and cult following, and it was helping the School’s reputation, and whilst that annoyed them more than the door art did, they conceded to let me continue doing what I do.