SDDC The Permitted

The Permitted

Image by Dr Stephen Dann via Flickr

Unexpectedly Permitted Objects (This is Not A Trebuchet List)

I don’t know why I’m still allowed to have access to these items either.

1. Scythes.

  • There’s one behind my desk at work, and I had to leave one in New Zealand. I think the NZ one was bequeathed to a PhD student at the University of Otago.

2. Cloaks.

  • Particularly since I’m allowed to have a scythe, I’m amazed that I still have clearance for a large black hooded cloak.
  • I do rock the cloak, scythe and shadows look.

3. NERF Weapons (or equivalent).

  • Thankfully NERF doesn’t make siege weapons.
  • They do make sniper rifles, mounted machine guns, bazookas and a range of other amazing devices designed to fling objects in complete non-trebuchet like ways.

4. LARP Weapons

  • Given my current exercise regime involves replica armed combat, I really do need this sort of permitted items.
  • Caveat: Can only own enough weapons to outfit a small army. Medium to large armies have to look after themselves.

5. Rick Astley (music).

  • I owned his album on vinyl, and listened to his work long before Rick Rolling was the in thing to do.

6. Fire.

  • After that time with the Easter egg, a sparkler, an evening in Belconnen, and the discovery of fire+egg+sparkler=photo opportunity, I’m really surprised that the universe even lets me hang out with people who have lighters.
  • It turns out I can be trusted with fire.  It also turns out that a lot of people think that “Fire photography” is some form of metaphor.

7. Color printers.

  • With the ban on laminators, I get to keep the colour printer access. Just because my door disappears under artwork, photo manipulations, and LOLCats is no reason to cut off my access. It’s not like we use it for anything important at work beyond printing e-mail so the hyperlink has a pretty colour.

8. Photoshop.

  • I started with Photoshop before there were layers in the program back before you’re heard of the Adobe Hipster plugin.
  • I’ve been doing untoward things with pixels since 1993, and there’s only between triple figures worth of manipulated imagery released into the wilds.
  • Besides, I actually do use Photoshop legitimately these days.

9. Sparklers.Easter Eggs.Sparklers, easter eggs, fire and flammable liquids.

  • Okay, maybe I do need to reconsider this one.

10. The Time Space continuum.

  • I’m still listed as “Owner/operator” and “Registered Licensee” on a whole lot of decades.

11. The Internet

  • A gentlecat needs somewhere to document his proclivities.

12 Fortune telling 2

  • Or as we call it these days “Strategic Planning”