SDDC Silent Monk

Silent Monk

A LARP Character who turned out to be larger that Live Action Life.

The Silent Monk was born of a slight case of cheaping out the rule set in the Live Action Role Playing game arena – by playing a silent character, I didn’t need a backstory, because I never had to roleplay my way into or out of a story moment. Or so I thought.

Stylized Monk

What I didn’t take into consideration is that a full silent character means a lot of whole-of-body communication and role play during the time I’m on the field looking for fights.

A Period Drama

So, as The Hundred Swords continued to operate and evolve as a LARP event, the Silent Monk started acquiring more back story in the post-game Facebook write ups, and the ongoing rolling joke of the Monk only ever communicating in three dots ( . . . ), which eventually emerged in portable speech bubble, chalk boards, Wile E Coyote style signs.

Physically, the Monk LARP character is a rogue build of light armour, costume, and a naginata/long spear. I tend to play fast, and second line off the shield wall so I can break out to a flanking move. Unless, of course, I’ve been left unsupervised for long enough to sneak off into a flank / backstab attack.

I am available for guest LARP appearances in the East Coast of Australia, so long as I don’t have to do a speaking role 😉