Dietary Requirements

Please note: I never take it personally if a caterer can’t meet these requirements. Just let me know, and I’ll self cater to avoid hassles.

Allergies: Trace Level Problems

If the product says “May contain traces” I have to assume it contains traces.  Shared equipment in a commercial catering kitchen is an acceptable risk (if you have dedicated equipment, it’s appreciated)

  • Wheat (including trace levels and derivatives). This is a specific allergy to wheat, not gluten. Gluten free wheat is still an allergen
  • Dairy products (including trace levels): This is a milk allergy, so lactose free milk is still an allergen
  • Alcohol inclusive of food that has been cooked, marinated or otherwise uses wine even if the alcohol is cooked off
    • White wine is a specific allergen as it uses dairy products in the production process
  • Processed meats which use wheat/diary based additives or traces
  • Fluoride:
    • This means that any food cooked by boiling or absorption (eg rice) method or similar techniques that use fluoridated water is out.
      • Yes, this takes soups out if you’ve made it with tap water.
    • This eliminates tap water as a drink, and ice cubes in any other drink.
    • Note: produce washed in the water is fine
    • Steamed food is fine as well.

Allergies: Non Trace Level Problems

I can work around these being present (eg on the same plate, dish) but not if they’re mixed in together (eg salad, soup or other compound)

  • Coconut and derivatives (eg coconut milk),
  • Pumpkin,
  • Sweet potato,
  • Curry powders and curries
  • Mango,
  • Banana,
  • Strawberry,
  • Kiwi fruit
  • Pineapple

The Options List

Food: I am not vegetarianAll forms of plain meat, inclusive of fish, seafood, chicken, pork, and steak  are acceptable.

  • Basic meal alternatives include plain grilled vegetables with a plain grilled meat (eg chicken, steak, seafood).
  • Salads without dressing are fine.
  • Grilled vegetables and grilled meat using olive oil is fine.
  • Eggs are also fine.
  • All seafood (not crumbed and batter) is fine.
  • Chili, salt, pepper, and herbs are fine.
  • If in doubt, the back-stage can check with me for confirmation of requirements.

Drinks: Acceptable and safe options include Pepsi Max and Diet Red Bull, or bottled still water (Mt Franklin or similar), or cheerfully looking the other way if I need to supply my own provisions.

If alternative food cannot be provided by a caterer, let me know and I will self cater.

Also, if you’re not providing non-alcoholic options at your event, please consider non-drinkers and expand the library of options.

Commercial Food options (Australian)

  • Nando’s (Most states)
    • Chicken tenderloin meal (extra hot, chips);
  • Grill’d Burgers (Several states):
    • Almighty (mods: Gluten free bun, no cheese); Simon Says Burger (Gluten free bun)
    • HFC bites (plain, any size), chips, large. Pepsi Max.
  • Generic Options
    • Pad Thai (chicken or seafood, rice noodles)
    • Plain grilled fish and chips (no batter)