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Gen-Con Day 1 – Day 2, LARP short report

Short version. Zombie Apocalypse LARP: Started human, ended human, participated in six of the game’s major explosions. Good times. Steampunk LARP: Started the game as a Gentleman Boxer nicknamed “The Doctor” (for a boxer, I had disturbingly high medical knowledge), and the bodyguard/meat shield for The Patron. Over the course of the game, I was… Read More »

BarCampCanberra2: The Quickening

Image by Dr Stephen Dann via Flickr A glorious day of technology, people, ideas and political thoughts . BarCampCanberra (#bcc2) also combined my love of liveblog journalism with the twitterstream plus streaming photos to Flickr (barcampcanberra2).  I was a quasi-sponsor this year, having set aside a budget to cover misc.cost.other and rolled out some on-the-day… Read More »