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Gen-Con Day 1 – Day 2, LARP short report

Short version.
Zombie Apocalypse LARP: Started human, ended human, participated in six of the game’s major explosions. Good times.

Steampunk LARP: Started the game as a Gentleman Boxer nicknamed “The Doctor” (for a boxer, I had disturbingly high medical knowledge), and the bodyguard/meat shield for The Patron. Over the course of the game, I was involved in assisting the timely disposal of a large bomb (somedays, you really can get rid of a bomb) and the untimely disposal of an escape vessel (somedays…wait, used that line).

Both LARPs were best described as First Person Actor games, and for a non-LARP player, I play a wonderfully devious characterisation with wicked lines to the straight people characters around me. All up, well awesome in game, and massive fun for close combat acting.

Day 3 sees me back on hallowed ground in the L4D tournament structure.

BarCampCanberra2: The Quickening

@pamelafox presenting
Image by Dr Stephen Dann via Flickr

A glorious day of technology, people, ideas and political thoughts .

Barcamp's data collectionBarCampCanberra (#bcc2) also combined my love of liveblog journalism with the twitterstream plus streaming photos to Flickr (barcampcanberra2).  I was a quasi-sponsor this year, having set aside a budget to cover misc.cost.other and rolled out some on-the-day equipment (including putting my video camera into some serious testing with the 16gig memory card getting a good work out), and providing that sort of random cover fire for the commanding officers of BarCamp Canberra.

I presented on my rather odd sideline habit of “Documenting the Future” as I spend my time writing textbooks that need to be relevant and functional in the future, and thus far, they’re doing okay on that front.

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Whereis Mobile: Not quite the Diet GPS

Platform 18 and 19 at Central station.Image via Wikipedia

Being based in Sydney for a two day stop over gave me another opportunity to test drive the Whereis Mobile capacity on my Samsung handset.

It was hysterically funny, but that’s because I laugh in the face of Fail Whales.

For a starting point, when I fired up the device just outside of Central Station, it cheerfully reported that I was standing in OXford Street.  Not quite.  So I tried to input where I was standing (Elizabeth Street), only to be told that no such location exists (404: NEO NOT FOUND).  Then I tried querying Goulburn Street (my destination) and that didn’t exist either. Okay, so the Matrix was having a bad day.

Then I asked for the name of the Hotel (The Vibe Hotel) only to be repeatedly told that the connection to the server was lost.  A procession of the same black cat walked across the doorframe for a minute or two. I gave up after the phone showed signs of despair and the hysterical laughter attracted way too much attention.

Later, for the fun of it, I asked the SENSIS search about the local Nandos.  To be fair, I was standing about a building away from one, and didn’t realise it was where it was (I was in QVB or QVG. There’s one in the food court connected to the QVA2Z).  Nearest Nandos that was suggested was 8km away. So I asked for directions (walking).

The connection was reset by the server.

The Matrix rebooted and dumped me out of the network somewhere around Darling Harbour, and I realised the time had come to stop mocking Telstra’s Mobile Whereis, and make use of the 3G modem on the laptop back at the hotel room to get real answers from the intertubes.  Amusingly, it took less time to walk back to the hotel, google find the information and walk back to the stores than I’d spent trying to beat useful data out of the Sensis systems.

I know Sensis Whereis is not a replacement for GPS equipped phones, and I know that it draws location data from the mobile phone tower etc. I’m conversant with limits to the crude tech.  I’m just hysterically amused that I was thrown off the network four times in the process of asking “Where is…?”.

Once, admittedly, was for asking where the hotel was when I was in the lobby.  That one I probably deserved though.

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Sports Marketing Association Conference

One accepted paper later, and I’m off to the Gold Coast in July. I’m waiting for a bit of clarification on the status of the reviewer comments (aka I had an abstract acceptance e-mail and I submitted a chapter), although that doesn’t impact on the key take out point… live on stage at the 6th Annual Conference on Australia’s Gold Coast, July 16-20, 2008.

This paper was the one that spawned the sports marketing reference + notes set in the previous post. So the reference list works quite well, thank you.