SDDC The Confiscated

The Confiscated

Items I am no longer allowed to own due confiscation
Whilst I didn’t actually self impose a ban on these objects, there’s a limit (6) of how many times I can have my toys confiscated before I’ll take the hint.  The following objects have been confiscated from me at various points in time, for fairly valid reasons.  So they’re on the list now.

  • Tamagotchis. Just because I taped down the punishment button to see what happened next is no reason to believe I’d do anything untoward to the new models.
  • Pokemon. See Tamagotchis.  What’s the point of being nice to a fighting animal that’s going to die in a small red ball?
  • Any form of Furby. Which was annoying, because I’d already ordered my Frankenfurby science kit before all of my patients victims were liberated from my possession
  • The Sims.  Just because the first one was murdered by an enraged neighbour doesn’t mean the next few hundred would die by that particular method. There are other means to wipe out whole suburbs of the pesky critters.
  • God Games, Life Simulators, and any virtual pet that has a risk of fatality from user intent or user neglect.
  • The Entire City of Leon, French Lyon and anyone by the name of Leon
  • Gordon Freeman
  • Temporary Exemption Generators

Exemptions: Nil.