The Right of Trebuchet Rule.

The Right of Trebuchet Rule is an emergency invocation of the principles of the Trebuchet list

This now exists to assist in the event that I want a specific object rather badly, and I can’t figure out a legitimate use for it without laughing first, or within the first thirty seconds of the window of opportunity to explain how I plan to use this for entirely legitimate purposes.

The Trebuchet List may be invoked by calling out “Trebuchet” if I am headed towards an object or activity that could legitimately be considered part of the expanded scope of the list (if not actually on the list. Sometimes I need to be reminded).

Right of Trebuchet Rule Invocation Conditions: Presence of External Actors

The Right of Trebuchet will be invoked immediately in the following conditions, and the presence of other people

  • Any Delegated Authority of the Trebuchet List shouts “NO” before I’ve even had a chance to finish the idea.  They’re on the list for that very ability to work out where this is heading before I reach the end of a sentence.
  • One or more of the people standing next to me shudder when I’ve only thought about the idea.
  • My only answer is response to That Look from the people near me is to say “What?”
  • More than three recognised omens happen immediately upon the conclusion of any suggestion I have just made.
    • Exemption: Exam questions require five or more omens

Automated Invocation (Absence of External Actors)

When left to my own devices, the Automatic Right of Trebuchet will be invoked if…

  • The first words in my head are “Is it a bad idea if…”.
    • Generally speaking, the answer has always been yes.  (It’s not always be enough to stop me though).
    • It’s a double Trebuchet with a HELL NO chaser if I actually get to the point that I say “Is it a bad idea…”. If I have to ask, then yes, it’s a very bad idea.
  • The plan begins with “I’ll need [estimation of time] and a hot glue gun…”.
  • The plan requires me to buy a bedazzler.
  • It involves the incident in Prague.