The Right of Trebuchet Rule.

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The Right of Trebuchet Rule is an emergency invocation of the principles of the Trebuchet list without actually requiring the event,object or cast member of Annie Oakley to be added to Trebuchet List without further consideration. Basically, this now exists to assist in the event that I want a specific object rather badly, and I can’t figure out a legitimate use for it without laughing first, or within the first thirty seconds of the window of opportunity to explain how I plan to use this for entirely legal purposes.

The Trebuchet List may be invoked by calling out “trebuchet” if I am headed towards an object or activity that could legitimately be considered part of the expanded scope of the list (if not actually on the list. Sometimes I need to be reminded).

Right of Trebuchet Rule Invocation Conditions: Presence of External Actors

The Right of Trebuchet will be invoked immediately in the following conditions, and the presence of other people

  • Any Delegated Authority of the Trebuchet List shouts “NO” before I’ve even had a chance to finish the idea.  They’re on the list for that very ability to work out where this is heading before I reach the end of a sentence.
  • One or more of the people standing next to me shudder when I’ve only thought about the idea.
  • My only answer is response to That Look from the people near me is to say “What?”
  • More than three recognised omens happen immediately upon the conclusion of any suggestion I have just made.
    • Exemption: Exam questions require five or more omens

Automated Invocation (Absence of External Actors)

When left to my own devices, the Automatic Right of Trebuchet will be invoked if…

  • The first words in my head are “Is it a bad idea if…”.
    • Generally speaking, the answer has always been yes.  (It’s not always be enough to stop me though).
    • It’s a double Trebuchet with a HELL NO chaser if I actually get to the point that I say “Is it a bad idea…”. If I have to ask, then yes, it’s a very bad idea.
  • The plan begins with “I’ll need [estimation of time] and a hot glue gun…”.
  • The plan requires me to buy a bedazzler.
  • It involves the incident in Prague. What happened in Prague stays in Prague.
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